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This project aims to strengthen women* of all ages who have experienced flight or migration. We wish to create room for an open exchange of ideas on topics such as gender-specific violence, sexuality, and gender equality. In so doing, we aim to enhance the networks of solidarity between women* living in refugee camps.

Through workshops, self-empowerment events, and open-group meetings, we will:

  • Create a space where trust can be built and participants* are supported and able to express their needs. We envision these workshops serving as the basis for the creation of a self-help group where women*  of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds can support one another and interact.
  • Adapt to the specific, concrete needs of women*. We will discuss such topics as women*’s health, sexuality, protection against violence, and strategies to protect women*’s individual rights. Furthermore, we will provide information on organisations that provide support and counseling to women.

These workshops will take place in refugee camps as well as our office space. The meetings will be led by a group of experts*/ trainers* who have experienced flight or migration and who have a variety of professional backgrounds and language skills. (Languages spoken include Albanian, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Italian, and Tigrinya). Our trainers* are uniquely well-suited to lead these workshops since they can share their own experiences arriving in Germany with the participants*.

If you are interested in participating in these workshops (alone or as a group), please contact us at trixiewiz@gmail.com.

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