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Non‐profit organization Trixiewiz e.V.

Board members: Stefania Maffeis and Andrea Müller
Registration number:22522 Nz

Responsible according to paragraph § 10 3 MDStV (V. i .S. d. P.):
Stefania Maffeis und Andrea Müller

The copyright of the layout, text and web design of the website, as well as their design elements and principles belong to the nonprofit organization Trixiewiz e. V. Links to our website are permitted and welcomed without restriction. Trixiewiz e. V. accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of the websites that are linked here.

Those involved in the design of this website:

Project management and editing: Teresita Cannella, Aria Tilove, Paola Girodetti, Stefania Maffeis
Web Design: Katja Gusovius & Simonetta Pulmeno
Programming: Zoomwerk


The homepage is hosted by  Landesprogramms jugendnetz-berlin (www.jugendnetz-berlin.de).


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