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The project aims to support migrants and refugees women, lesbians, nonbinary, trans, inter and agender persons to live self-determined lives and change their circumstances
and offers spaces for self-empowerment.

Offered are:

– Workshop and seminar series on self-(empowerment) and social and political participation for, with and by refugee women*_migrants*, in the form of outreach, mobile work in community shelters, as well as other project-related locations.

– Individual or group counseling

Target group:  migrants and refugees  women*, lesbians, inter-persons, non-binary persons, trans- and agender persons from Pankow over 18 years of age with refugee and/or migration history(s).


Workshop and Seminar: “Feminism, Intersectionality and Discrimination”, on 09.03.2023 and 15.05.2023











Workshop: “Stories, Challenges and Dreams of FLINTA Migrants_ Refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia”, on 08.06.2023









Seminar: “HAYLINA: Re- Empower & Resilience by / for FLINTA Migrant Women_ Refugees”, on 14.07.2023










Seminar: “The Fetishization and Racialization of BIPoC and Queer People in Pornography”, on 24.07.2023









Workshop: “Sex work at the Intersection of Labor, Migration and Queerness”, on 28.09.2023


IFD-6 (1)

Workshop: “Migration, Racism and Struggles for Belonging”, on 09.11.2023


IFD-7 (1)







Seminar: “From Here” Film Screening and Discussion on the Topic of “Rethinking belonging”, on 10.11.2023


IFD-8 (1)







Workshop: “Boost heart power increase intuition”, am 26.11.2023


IFD-9 (1)








As part of the Women*Visibility*inAction project, we have organized various seminars and workshops. As a result, a podcast was created with the project’s trainers.

Podcasts Women*Visibility*inAction – trixiewiz e V.



The project is supported by the Participation and Integration program and Demokratie Leben! program







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