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FLINTr*Aum: Safer Space for FLINTA* refugees and migrants* for (post)trauma and stress recovery

The FLINTr*Aum project in Pankow aims to create a safer space for (post)traumatized
FLINTA* people with exile and migration stories.
It offers workshops on stress management and trauma therapy, including through yoga, music therapy, choir and art therapy

Workshops & courses 2024:

Energetic Sound Therapy workshop with Roberta Perzolla
My workshop invites you to find a “home” within yourself and to explore the beauty of uniqueness and transformation processes with courage, mindfulness, self-awareness, songs and movement. The sounds (voice, drum, rattle, singing bowls and gongs) create a safe and special space in which to recharge your batteries to face the challenges of everyday life.

Profile Roberta Perzolla: As a state-approved alternative practitioner, I have    been practicing for over ten years a.o. energy work and sound therapy in my Neukölln practice and also work with youth in refugee shelters. For the FLINtr*Aum project I’m offering sound therapy and core shamanic healing methods.
I work in German, English, Italian. I also speak a little bit French and Spanish.
→More about Roberta Perzolla

Dates & Times for the Energetic Sound Therapy workshops:
Sun. 21/04, Sun. 02/06, Sun. 07/07 – from 3pm to 6pm
Fr. 22/03, Fr. 03/05, Fr. 02/08 – from 11am to 2pm
per Email at: trixiewiz@gmail.com with the mention FLINTr*Aum / Klangtherapie

Choir SOUL CARE SINGING CIRCLE with Elisabeth Argilagos
There is songs waiting to be sung by you. So many emotions and sounds wanting to be liberated. Join this choir to experience relaxation, empowerment, unity and harmony. We will work through various breath, body and voice exercises to allign the body in order to free the voice. I will bring songs for us to sing from my repertoire (pop, latin american) but as this choir celebrates the various cultures and stories of its members you can also bring or propose songs you love.
Singing experience is not a requirement.

Profile Elisabeth Argilagos: I am a trained singer, singing teacher and choir director with more than 15 years of teaching experience. After my studies I continued to educate myself envisioning voice and the body as a wholesome instrument. Breathing courses, Alexander technique, Yoga and the Lichtenberger Method among others have been important influences of my work. My repertoire ranges through pop, jazz unto cuban and brasilian music. -> More about Elisabeth Argilagos

Dates & Times for the SOUL CARE SINGING CIRCLE:
Fr. 22/03, Fr. 19/04, Fr. 17/05, Fr. 14/06, Fr.12.07, Fr. 09/08 – from 6.45pm to 9pm
per Email at: trixiewiz@gmail.com with the mention FLINTr*Aum / Chor

Yoga workshop with Mohamad Noureldine
In my workshops I offer a great variety of exercices in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience dynamic asanas that energize your mind and rhythmic breathing exercises that awaken energies. Immerse yourself in healing sound vibrations and the blissful depths of yogic sleep. In my workshop you will find a safe, grounding space to ignite determination, maintain courage and develop an unshakable sense of belonging.

Profile Mohamad Noureldine: In 5 transformative years, I delved into mental health, inner peace, and healing. Through daily practice I have immersed myself deeply and discovered the wisdom and potential for healing within me through yoga.
I work in German and English. I also speak Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish andFarsi.
-> More about Mohamad Noureldine

Dates & Times for the Yoga workshops:
Sat. 23/03, Sat. 06/04, Sat. 27/04, Sat. 25/05, Sat. 08/06, Sat. 06/07, Sat. 03/08, Sat. 07/09, Sat. 28/09, – from 12am to 3pm
per Email at: trixiewiz@gmail.com with the mention FLINTr*Aum / Yoga

Art therapy workshop with Paola Girodetti
Learn about the healing potential of art! Painting, drawing, modeling… The creative process frees the mind, can act like meditation, and gives a feeling of well-being. It's about expressing and freeing yourself, and finding a source of strength that centers you. It’s a nurturing space for
yourself, a place of respect, healing and joy of life. Unleash your creativity and express yourself without words and without judgment!
Try out different materials and techniques. If you have any special requests, please feel free to ask

Profile Paola Girodetti: Becoming an art therapist is the natural continuation of my life path. Art, plant education and energetic healing work have been at the heart of my practices for a while. I also worked as a communication expert and producer for film documentaries on socio-political issues. In 2016, I was coordinator at Trixiewiz e.V. for the educational project « BeVisible », which is aimed at people with refugee and migration experiences who want to work as mediators and consultants in
social initiatives.
I work in Italian, German and English. I also speak a bit of French and Spanish.

Dates &Times for the Art Therapy workshops:

Sun. 14/04, Sun. 23/06, Sun 04/08 – from 2pm to 5pm
Thurs. 14/03, Thurs. 16/05, Thurs. 18/07 – from 10.30am to 1.30pm
per Email at: trixiewiz@gmail.com with the mention FLINTr*Aum / Kunsttherapie


Workshops & Seminar 2023

Workshop around the topics «Trauma, Voice, Body & Identity» with Melanie Erzuah on November 15th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m
for (post-)traumatized FLINTA* people with exile and migration stories
Trauma has many faces and one of them is the impact it has on the voice and body. The internalization of Oppression and various forms of violence have a huge impact on voices, on how we express ourselves, how much space we take up with the body. It directly affects our identity.
Melli Erzuah’s workshop addresses the following questions, among others : How can I
connect with my body when I experience injustice and oppression? How can I take care of myself? How can I feel free with my voice?
The workshop is about grounding yourself, feeling, giving yourself permission to take the space for yourself. Thats why we want to offer this workshop as part of our FLINTr*Aum project. It is a subtle and necessary perspective – all too often forgotten – on the impact of trauma on something very intimate and important like voice and identity.
Workshop “Singing for Liberation”
Whether you are an experienced singer, prefer to sing in the shower or are afraid of using your voice, this workshop is for you! With physical, breathing and singing exercises we slowly build security in the body in order to put judgment and perfectionism aside. We focus on the healing and liberating power of singing together. In this way, emotions can be expressed and connections can be built with yourself and others. No prior singing experience is necessary. No person is asked to sing in front of others. The physical exercises are easy and are offered in different variations to suit personal comfort.
Melanie Erzuah is a liberation coach and care consultant for diversity and empowerment choir director, singer and performer. With a passion for singing together, Melli holds spaces for experiences to strengthen the connection between body and mind. Melli works from an intersectional and decolonial motivation and life experience that takes social structures, history and dynamics into account and focuses on the experiences of marginalized people.
Web: melli-erzuah.de | IG: @ich.bin.melli

Where are the workshops taking place?
At trixiewiz e.V. im KuBiZ – Raoul Wallenberg, Bernkasteler Straße 78, 13088 Berlin-Weißensee.


  • Seminare The project is also aimed at multipliers and the general public to raise awareness of the specific needs and challenges of this target group FLINTA*. A seminar on this topic will take place on December 8, 2023.


Together with our cooperation partners in Pankow and other organizations known to us, the project also aims to build bridges to existing health offers for the target group FLINTA* with exile and migration stories.

This project is financied by the municipality of Pankow






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