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On December, 02  2016 from 10.00a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

The conference Transforming Willkommenskultur –Refugees’ Standpoints on Solidarity , Activism and Representation wants to focus on the perspectives of migrants and refugees. In opposition to contemporary debates, in which refugees are mostly talked about and spoken for, we want to let Refugees shape the debate and talk with persons attending the conference. For this reason, we developed and conceptualized this conference together with activist refugees.  The aim of this conference is to strengthen the dialogue and the networks between different groups of migrants, refugees and local support-initiatives. Together we want to develop strategies to improve our quality of life as well as concrete political demands and critiques of the current European migration policy.  We are going to discuss different topics like self-organization, art and culture as political spaces, EU-migration-politics and human rights as well as female* perspectives on migration in Workshops and a panel discussion and derive specific political demands.

The leading questions of this conference are:

  • Which political strategies are viable in order to strengthen the representation of refugees and migrants in politics?
  • Which concrete demands can we agree on?
  • What is the relationship between solidarity, political networks and social as well as political participation?
  • How can we strengthen solidarity and cooperation between different groups – in the context of transnational movements of migration?

Languages (Panel-discussion): German, English

Languages (Workshops): German, English, Farsi, Arabic, French

The conference is for free, please register for participation: trixiewiz@gmail.com

To view the complete program click on the link below:

Flyer and program


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