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The nonprofit organization Trixiewiz e.V. is committed to our goal of transferring knowledge across cultures.

The name “Trixiewiz” comes from the word “Trixie” (in reference to Trixie Belden, a fictional “top‐sleuth” character, who is fascinated by everything mysterious and in return is also treated somewhat mysteriously) and “tricky,” “wizard,” and “wisdom,” which all put together for us means “tricky, magical, female knowledge.”

In 2002, a group of women from different cultural and professional backgrounds began to meet regularly. From this came the idea to establish an association that commits itself to understanding different cultures in addition to defining points of tension inherent to our society. Trixiewiz e.V. works to create a space where open and counterhegemonic meetings are possible and experiences from different countries, cultures and work contexts can be exchanged and productively used.

In May 2003 the association Trixiewiz e. V. was formed. One year later it became an official non‐profit.

At Trixiewiz e.V., our work is focused on developing projects that are oriented as counter‐hegemonic and culturally competent as well as promoting international and intercultural understanding. Thefore, we are helping to facilitate an intercultural transfer of knowledge in order to combat inequality and exploitation in our world.

Particular importance is placed on critical dialogues involving politics, science and diverse forms of culture. The focal themes and activities of Trixiewiz e.V. arise from the founding idea of the association, the intercultural transfer of knowledge, which for us means:

  • promoting democratic structures and equal relationships across borders
  • highlighting the gender relations in different societies and cultures
  • understanding the migration process and facilitating intercultural communication
  • viewing the transfer of technology and education as an intercultural challenge
  • finding alternatives to euro‐centric and authoritarian educational concepts
  • acting against and developing strategies against ethnocentrism and racism

Here you can read our articles of association (in German).

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