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The 2 week activity programme “Weissensee DOES Diversity” wants to give an impulse for an active discussion of the topics migration, refugees, every day discrimination and diversity based on workshops, discussions, exhibitions, art events and film screenings.
We want to visualise any kind of group focused enmity and discrimination and combat against these, we want to achieve an awareness of the host society for a trans-cultural diversity, and encourage citizens to get involved for a diverse, fair and a solidly united society and to engage in human rights and refugee protection.
The variety of the two-week programme from 19.11.2014 to 03.12.2014 is designed for aiming at different target groups in Weissensee / Pankow Heinersdorf and wants to initiate a comprehensive discussion of these topics among the actors.
The project is coordinated in collaboration with OASE Berlin and in close cooperation with local networks, initiatives and dedicated stakeholders. the detailed program

This project with funds from “TOLERANZ FÖRDERN-KOMPETENZ STÄRKEN”



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