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Pankownale 2

Our Statement for the Pankownale 2 about the political situation of the European Community:

We would like to not only acknowledge the difficult situation where over 50 million people are “fleeing” from countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Serbia, or Libya, but also want to welcome all those displaced people in Weissensee, Pankow, Berlin, Germany and Europe. We would like to express our solidarity with these refugees and also make an official stand against all forms of discrimination and racism and express our indignation against the inhuman and murderous asylum policy currently supported by the European Union.We also believe that when more people, organizations, neighbors and refugees criticize the system of deportation of the European Union and Dublin System itself that places too much responsibility on completely overwhelmed Mediterranean countries – then finally policy must respond and suggest alternatives such as:

  • an Emergency Sea and Lifeboat rescue program,
  • a way to legally can apply for asylum in an EU Embassy,
  • the allocation of humanitarian visas,
  • a fair distribution of refugees in Europe through a process that takes into account the social needs of refugees, their relatives and communities in Europe.

Although these recommendations have been suggested for years, they have been systematically ignored or merely made irrelevant by the responsible party. Rather than spending money in Frontex or it putting into surveillance systems, border posts and reducing the amount of bureaucracy, instead one could try to exhibit a real welcome culture the refugees. Refugees are never really be accepted after their escape and watch how they are further traumatized, vulnerable to homelessness or detention as in the cases in Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary. Further steps to enable them participate and adjust could include for example: helping them jointly find apartments; improving the health care system and receiving an instant health insurance card; offering free language courses for refugees; and finally quickly integrating them quickly into workforce through further training.

For this purpose, a complete paradigm shift in the refugee policy is necessary!!!

Trixiewiz e. V. & Friends, Jochen Schwarz ( OASE Berlin e. V.), KuBiz Raoul Wallenberg (das Kultur- und Bildungszentrum in Berlin Weissensee)

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