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„Women in Exile,“ a refugee group for women in Brandenburg, focuses on abolishing all discriminatory laws against migrants and refugees. With their support group “Women in Exile and Friends,” they are able to publically promote refugee‐focused political demands from a feminist perspective, with the main objectives being visibility for the situation of women* as well as initiating a fight against refugee camps.

No camps for women* refugees and children‐ housing for all!

Since 2014 we, together with Women in Exile, have offered Empowerment‐Trainings for refugee women* in different shelters and emergency accommodations in Pankow and in different languages. We focus on the concrete, everyday problems faced by women* who have confronted asylum law. Through a mutual exchange of experiences and perspectives, we collaboratively develop solution strategies.

The Empowerment‐Trainings are open to all refugee women*.


On 20.09.2016 – at 11.00

AWO-Refugium Buch

(Arabic, German, English, Albanian, Farsi)


On 01.06.2016 – at 15.00

in the Emergency Accommodation


Infos (Arabic, German, English) Flyer

On 18.05.2016 in der NUK Wicherstr.




On 17.11.2015 and 18.11.2015

in the Gemeinschaftsunterkünften

Rennbahnstr. & Degnerstr.

Berlin-Weißensee .


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