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5-year anniversary and closing event of “BeVisible” – Empowerment and Encounter with Refugees – with District Mayor Sören Benn, Berlin Senate Commissioner for Integration and Migration Katarina Niewiedzial and Pankow Integration Commissioner Nina Tsonkidis.

This year, the migrant feminist organisation trixiewiz e.V. is celebrating the 5th
anniversary of the training programme “BeVisible” 2021 and will award certificates to this year’s graduates. Seventeen people with refugee biographies were trained as counsellors, empowerment trainers and mediators. On Friday, 24 September 2021, they will receive their certificates in the BVV hall of the district office in Pankow.

Katarina Niewiedzial, Commissioner of the Berlin Senate for Participation, Integration and
has been a supporter and patron of the project from the beginning. On 24.09.21
she will interview some alumni during the ceremony.
Katarina Niewiedzial, Commissioner of the Berlin Senate for Participation, Integration and
Migration: “The work of the association trixiewiz e.V. in the BeVisible project is a wonderful
example of the success of the integration fund. With this fund, the districts are put in a position to support migrant organisations in a targeted manner. The association trixiewiz e.V.
proves that this Berlin approach is the right one. Politics, administration and civil society
must meet at eye level and trust each other. This openness and participatory approach is exemplified by the migrant organisations. In the BeVisible project, trixiewiz e.V. passes this feeling on to the project participants. Potentials and resources are recognised, promoted and developed. Following the one-year qualification, the project participants work as
as workshop leaders, mediators and empowerment trainers. In the past BeVisible has produced 77 graduates to date. In their seminars and workhsops, the trained participants have been able to pass on their knowledge to more than 5,000 people. I congratulate them on this
success. For me, the project is a “best practice” when it comes to the use of taxpayers’ money and state subsidies!”.
The aim of the project is to improve the skills of refugees through empowerment, encounter, qualification and participation and to make them visible.”BeVisible promotes openness and participation for participation at eye level, so that refugees decide for themselves how to define their belonging to the city and society in general. The participants are represented by their
their personal experiences, linguistic competencies and empathetic abilities, they are
are particularly qualified to make valuable contributions to our transcultural and post-migrant
post-migrant society,” say the organisers of trixiewiz e.V.
The project is funded within the framework of the district integration fund from the
integration and participation of refugees, by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the
Luxemburg Foundation and the Berlin State Agency for Civic Education. The Rosa-
Luxemburg Foundation, represented by Silke Veth, and a representative of the Berlin
Landeszentrale für politische Bildung will be present.

The Iranian-Kurdish musician Pouria Solhjou will provide musical accompaniment to the evening.

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