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Expert discussion on diversity competence as an (educational) resource on November 5th, 2018 in the Pankow town hall

In this country, certificates open up access to education, qualification measures and the labor market. Those who are unable to produce an official certificate often lose out.

People with a non-straightforward, educated middle-class biography have often acquired valuable skills that convey neither school nor career. You grew up multilingual; You have intercultural skills in dealing with authorities; In day-to-day family education and care, they continuously qualify in all matters of age-specific needs; They compensate for the disadvantages society places against people with disabilities.

At our Diversity Conference, we want to let exactly these people have their say and ask the question: Which boss, which employer, which university can afford to do without them?


Programm: Migrapower 2018_Fachgespräch_AK Diversity_5112018_Programm

Flyer & Infos: Migrapower 2018_AK Diversity_Fachtag 5.11.2018_w-1

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