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On the 3rd of November we had the international workshop “Sharing Experiences” in cooperation with Schoolclash.

Over 35 people, many engaged social workers from Greek, France and Germany participated in the workshop.

We were doing different, exciting round of talks with refugees to themes like migration, escapes and social challenges.

The themes of the tables were:

Political fights and participation of refugees
Empowerment for and with refugee women*
Music, art, acitivism and participation
(Social-)Work for and with refugees
Empowerment for refugees

Thanks to all the speakers and moderators:

Asal Akhavan, Adam Bahar, Khaled Rusho, Aeham Ahmad, Lamia Baddour, Doris Dede, Mohammed Jouni, Dennis Fraters, Teresita Cannella, Judith Torka und Margaux Richet!!

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