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Activation of the competencies of refugees through empowerment, qualification, participation and sensitisation of civil society

BeVisible is a one-year training series in which refugees and people with a refugee biography are trained as counsellors, mediators and empowerment trainers for work in civil society initiatives. In this way they can contribute their diverse personal skills and experience to the work of the initiatives and contribute to raising awareness in the areas of diversity, causes of flight, anti-racist and anti-discrimination work and transcultural competence.

Participants will attend theoretical modules on asylum law, counselling and empowerment, gender-specific treatment of vulnerable refugees, transcultural competences and interreligious conflicts, etc. After the theoretical modules, they will also be hosted as interns in various organisations and initiatives.

Further information about the project and the graduates of the past years can be found on the website: https://bevisible-trixiewiz.com/