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China Blues

In May and June 2009 Trixiewiz, in cooperation with Café Pink and INKOTA Network e.V., lead a project for political education called “Cheap and chic! Is that fair? A journey through the production of my clothes”.

This project aims to bring awareness to the situation of women textile workers in low-wage countries due to globalization. The rooms of Café Pink were offered to girls and women (12 and up) with immigrant background for various programs. The screening of the documentary film China Blue (directed by Micha X. Peled, USA 2005), which deals with the hard life of young textile workers in China marked the beginning of the series.

In addition, the participants of the event were able to view an exhibition following the origin of our clothing and following the journey around the world of a pair of jeans.

In a Creative-Active-Workshop, the girls designed information postcards and stickers to raise awareness about the work environment and the production conditions of the workers. At the end of the the project series, the participants were given the opportunity to actively and politically intervene, by participating in various urgent actions with the Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung (Campaign for Clean Clothing) and with letters of protest to companies in the apparel industry. The project was funded by Umverteilein. The documentation of the project can be viewed here.