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Augen Auf!

Trixiewiz e.V, in cooperation with Cafe Pink has been working on the project, “Augen AUF! – A documentary film on the subject of discrimination” since the start of 2011.

“Augen AUF!” is a documentary film project on the subject of discrimination, initiated and carried out by a group of young, active and engaged women who call themselves Youth Concillors.

Through the use of interviews, the group will explore both their own experiences of discrimination as well as those experienced by other sectors of society.

It is important to the young women not only to use the film to expose different forms of discrimination, but also explore the complex structures which lie within; it will become clear that the personal experience of discrimination does not protect from adopting a dicriminatory attitude towards others. Through a biographical approach, the personal ways of dealing with discrimination will be asked about and also possible collaborative ways of dealing with discrimination will be explored.

The Youth Councillors have agreed that they will use the film to not only present for themselves “what we as young people with a so-called migration background can achieve”, but to also give themselves a public voice and in doing so call for more political inclusion; they also intend to encourage more respect, tolorance and solidarity.

You can order the documentation here: info@trixiewiz.de


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The project is funded by the Youth and Family Foundation of Berlin.